Friday, December 13, 2013

Ellore Femme Hair Chalk

My oldest son is always asking to dye to his hair red, but with him being 7 years old I am worried that permanent hair dye may damage it. Not to mention all of the chemicals that are in hair dye and I am just not ready for him to breath in all of the fumes. I think he will be happy when I finally give him the okay to paint his hair a hue of colors with Ellore Femme Hair Chalk.  

 Ellore Femme Hair Chalk is 24 vibrantly colored hair-chalk sticks that help you easily apply a rainbow of colors in your hair. It had easy to blend dyes that are formulated with natural plant pigments which renders the chalk non-toxic. The best part is that it's temporary and washes out in the shower.

                                Spontaneous hair color
                                Set with heat
                                Blendable colors
                                Nontoxic, natural plant pigments
                                Washes out after one shower
                                Use on wet hair
                                24 vibrant shades
                                May transfer onto clothing during application
                                May cause respiratory irritation if inhaled

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                            Regular Price: US $44.99

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