Monday, September 16, 2013

Scarlett has style!

With Halloween on it's way I wanted a dress that was comfortable yet amazing for Scarlett. I mean after all it is her first and with mine and Jason's wedding anniversary October 30th not just any dress would do. I scoured the internet for days when an amazing customs designer named Andrea Jackson from SewForYou Customs started randomly uploading the most gorgeous bailey style dresses. It was a first come first serve and competition was fierce, but I was determined to get one. I just so happened to be online at like 2:30 one morning when I saw the dresses being loaded in my Facebook feed. After what felt like an hour of hitting F5 I finally scored one and victory was mine! Since it will be late Fall when she actually wears the the dress I paired it with the Sweet Treat ruffles from  Kids Fly Too . The black and white stripes with the white polka dot ruffles goes amazingly with the dress.

To complete the outfit I turned to my favorite bow boutique Cutie Bootie Bowtique  to make the perfect cabbage flower headband to match. Boy, did the owner deliver with the most gorgeous headband that I have ever seen! The flower colors are made up of alternate layers of purple, orange, green, and black and a beautiful pendent in the middle. On the side are 3 rosettes and a little black cat and an orange and purple feather to top it all off! This is one of my favorite headbands that Scarlett owns.

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