Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 months old!

3 months have come and gone, but we have had a lot of exciting "first" this month! Along with her first St. Paddy's Day and Easter she has started to laugh out loud when I play bite her neck and chin. I am loving having a baby in the house again!

First holiday's are always the most special and even though we didn't do anything for St. Paddy's Day we had a blast on Easter. We dropped my boys off at my dad's the Wednesday before Easter, but we planned on coming back to get them and spend Easter that Sunday. Scarlett, Jason, and I took a 3 and a half day trip to Nashville to the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival. I know a lot of people would ask 'why when it's Easter, spend time with your boys", but it's an annual tradition for us. I wanted to get a tattoo for Scarlett and the guy that does mine is from Ohio and the only place we can meet up is at the convention. We spent the next few days mingling with celebrities and the highlight came when Bill Mosley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Devil's Rejects, and House of 1000's Corpses) recognized Jason. He was walking and by his booth and hears "Hey Jason meet Sid!" he stopped dead in his tracks and Bill introduced him to Sid Haig! My husband met Bill at a convention in Chattanooga a few years back when he done special FX and Jason showed him a sculpted bust of Chop Top he had done. It was an awesome moment for him. We had Scarlett dressed up for Easter and was a hit with everyone. I couldn't walk 10 feet without someone stopping to tell me how beautiful she was.


The moment came when we went to get our Devil's Rejects dvd case signed by Sid Haig, Lew Temple, and Tom Towles. Out of no where we hear Sid Haig say "What is this babies on parade?" I then realized that she was an instant hit with them and they all wanted pictures. It was awesome to say the least and Lew Temple even wrote her a note on the inside of the case and told us not to give it to her until she was at least 6. After pictures and a meet and greet we headed home to spend Easter with the boys.


At my dads they had dyed eggs and the Easter bunny came leaving all three of them a basket full of goodies. The boys had gotten Angry birds baskets with Ninja Turtle stuff and homemade chocolates from the convention and Scarlett got an organic plush cow and two necklaces from Sprinkling Beaded Necklaces. We had a great rest of the day!

Easter weekend was the highlight of the month and I wish Scarlett would remember being ooohhhed and ahhhhed over, but at least I have pictures!

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