Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two Months Old

It's amazing what difference a month makes. Scarlett seems to become more and more active as the weeks go by and everyday it seems like she is learning something new. This month has been a roller coaster with up and downs and even a scare.
My First Valentine's Day
 I took Scarlett to her 2 month check-up on March 7th. As with my boys I thought we would be in and out after her growth assessment and first shots. When it came time for her exam everything was going great, but I noticed that the Dr. kept feeling the top of her head. She kept rubbing the soft spot and just had that look on her face. I looked right at her and asked what was wrong. She told me that she really didn't feel the soft spot on the top of her head and that she was afraid that it was closing too soon. It's called Craniosynostosis.  At that moment in time I felt my blood pressure rise and it took all I could do not to cry. Here was my baby girl with something possibly wrong with her skull I thought I was going to loose it.  She explained that her head was only measuring in the 11th percentile for her age and that if her soft spot was closing too soon then she would have to have surgery on her skull to open it back up so her brain can grow. I left the Dr.'s office and cried all the way home.

As I broke the news to my husband I broke down completely. We just sat in the floor as I cried in his arms and the whole time I could tell that he was fighting back the tears while trying to comfort me. Later that day I got a call from the imaging center letting me know that she had an appointment the following day at 2:30. That night I couldn't sleep and found myself praying to GOD for a miracle. I even asked my mom to watch over her form Heaven. One thing my mom always taught me was that when you are faced with something like this is that you give it to GOD and don't pick it back up. Before I fell asleep from exhaustion I told GOD I give it to him and trust him with everything.

I woke up the next morning and I felt a little better and unexplained joy in my heart. We arrived to the imaging center and I meet this really nice older gentlemen in the lobby who asked me what was wrong ( I guess you could see the nervousness on my face.) I explained what had happened the previous day and he looked at me and told me that GOD had the power to heal. I told him that I know he could and that I handed it over to him and I was not going to pick it back up. Don't get me wrong I am still worried and scared, but not as bad as I was. He took down her name and what may be wrong with her and told me he was going to put her on the prayer list at his church. They called her back and done an ultrasound on her head.  About 30 minutes later and over a dozen pictures we were done and was told the Dr. would have the results in 24 hours.

The next day came and again I really didn't get much sleep because all I could think of was the 'what if's". I knew that if she did have to have the surgery then she would make it and live a normal life. I waited around by the phone all day! I carried the phone around with me everywhere. The day came and went, but the DR. didn't call. I called my grandmother who told me that maybe no news was good news. I took it with a grain of salt, but agreed.

Another restless night came and went as my thoughts and worries got the best of me. I woke up this morning (3/9/13) and told myself that if I hadn't heard anything by 2:30 I was calling them! Well, I made it to 11:30 and called. They told me that her results were in and that the Dr. would call. About 15 minutes later I go the phone call we had been waiting 2 days for. The Dr. told me that she does have a soft spot there, it is small and needed monitoring, but as this point in time and because they were able to see inside her head and brain she does NOT have to have surgery! I immedialty started crying on the phone! She did stress that if it does decide to close up that they would have to interveine and she will have to have the surgery. The Dr. also told me that during her evaluation on Tuesday that she was holding her head up like most 4 month old's and showing signs of being advanced for her age! I was super thrilled when she said that. Before the Dr. got off the phone she told me to get some sleep because she was sure I hadn't slept good for the past few days.

                                               GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

Scarlett has met all of her two month milestones and have alreay started meeting some of her third!

  •  Smiles when she recognizes someone she knows such as me, her dad, or brothers
  •  She has found her hands and sucks her fists when she needs comfort
  •  Coos and gurgles a lot! 
  •  Holds head up (a little wobbly)
  •  When she is laying down and wants to get up she pulls her shoulders and head up
  •  Get's fussy and board really easy
  •  Wears a size 2 diaper


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