Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Best Christmas Present Ever

 I decided at my 40 week Dr.'s appointment to be induced that following Monday which landed on December 24th (I would be 40 wks. 3 days) . Everything up to that point was going wonderful and I thought it would go by as fast as my 2nd delivery. I was so excited because my moms favorite time of year was Christmas and she would have been in love with the idea of her first granddaughter being born on that day. I went in at 6 a.m. on the 24th and chatted up the nurses as I filled out the paper work and they got me hooked up to the i.v. Within an hour everything was done and all we had to do was wait. To pass time my husband and I chatted a bit and he slept for a while until my grandparents arrived at 9 a.m.

After what seemed like forever my Dr. came in to see how far I was dilated because up to that point I haven't been checked. As he began to check he realized that Scarlett had flipped transverse and there was no way to tell if I was even dialted! The Dr. gave me two options which was either he try and flip her or I had to have a c-section. My husband and I talked it over and decided to go with the Dr. trying to flip her only because it was done by ultrasound and he would be able to tell if something went wrong. They wheeled in the ultrasound machine and all I remember is gripping the handles on the bed and praying to God and my mom that everything go right. Within minutes he was done and with not one complication.  A few hours later the Dr. came in to check me and I was dialted 0 and 0 effaced! I was devastated! I was told at that point that I could either go home and wait it out or stay. I decided to stay because I was already hooked up and had my epidural in.

Before I knew it the time had come for the Dr. to break my water. He decided to poke a pin prick in my bag of waters and place an internal monitor on Scarlett. I had so much water gushing out through one little pin prick that it went over the bed and into the floor! That was the reason why I was sitting at a 0 and Scarlett was transverse. I had so much fluid that she was able to flip back and forth even though I was passed my 40 week mark. I was told that if my bag would have burst on it's own there was a possibility the cord could have came out first. I was so thankful at that point I decided to stay.

I dilated to a 3 pretty quickly which was a relief, but then things slowed down. It took hours for me to dilate to a 7 and by then my epidural had worn off on one side and the pain had become unberable. They had my pitocin up to a 22 and it took 3 1/2 hours for me to dilate from a 7 to a 10. By then I was crying and couldn't stop because it felt like someone was taking a lighter and burning my back and then trying to pull my spine from my pelvis. My husband told my Dr. who was afraid she had either flipped face down or sideways because my back shouldn't be burning.

I started pushing around 11:45 p.m. and she crowned  right at 12 midnight on Christmas morning and was born at 12:01 a.m! Scarlett was perfect and by that time I had completely forgot about everything that happened that day. One look at her and my heart melted.


SCARLETT     12-25-12    9 lbs. 1 oz     22in

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  1. Wow! What a story and Congrats to all of you. Grandma got the best Christmas present ever...Yay! Scarlett must have wanted that for Grandma as well. Can't wait to see more pics! She looks beautiful!
    Sandy VanHoey