Friday, November 16, 2012

Mud Pie Christmas Style Challenge

I was so excited when I was invited to participate in the Mud Pie Christmas Style  Challenge. One of the first items I ever purchased for Scarlett was the Mud Pie Wild Child Giraffe headband and then my love for Mud Pie grew from there. She now has 3 outfits, 2 hair clips, and a pair of Halloween bloomers.

When searching for her Christmas outfit I knew it had to be Mud Pie, but it was such a hard choice because everything was so adorable. I decided to go with the Santa Tunic and Legging set because it seemed like it would be the most comfortable on a newborn. The Santa on the shirt has a 3D look to it with a red jeweled nose and small green pom poms hang down from the bottom. The pants are made  like the popular pedal pushers with a stretchy waist band, so there is no fighting with buttons or zippers. Each cuff on the legs also have the small green pom poms hanging down to tie together the whole outfit.

Scarlett also received the Poinsettia Baby Slippers in size 0-6 months. They are made of red cable knit and have a soft fur lining on the inside. I plan on pairing them with her pajamas and taking pictures of her and her brothers on Christmas Eve in front of the tree.

Thank you Mud Pie for the gorgeous Christmas outfit!


  1. I hope Scarlett enjoys her outfit! It is adorable!

  2. As a seamstress I know how hard these little outfits are to sew. Mud Pie does a wonderful job at a good price.

  3. This outfit is adorable... Going to have to go check them out. I have been finding it hard to find a newborn outfit for the holidays that I like. :-)

  4. These clothes are SO cute!! I like how unique they are!

  5. too cute...they have some neat necklaces on sale too!