Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Were Having A

I had my 20 week gender scan on August 6th 2012 and let me tell you I was a nervous wreck! I was scared and excited at the same time because I couldn't wait to find out what we were having. All night Sunday I couldn't sleep as the thoughts and emotions ran through my head over and over with the thoughts of "what if somethings wrong" and "what if I am having another boy" . Thoughts also ran through my head wondering if I was being fair to A because he is only 2 and hadn't had that much time to be the baby. C had 4 years to be an only child and well adjusted to having a new brother. I have high hopes for A!

I had to wait until 3:20 for my appointment, so I had took about a 3 hour nap just to keep my mind off of all the "what ifs". Before I knew it J was waking me up to get ready and lucky me he already had the boys ready to go. We got to the Dr's. office at 3:10 and at the point the only thing on my mind was 'Lord please let these boys behave".

We were called back about 5 minutes later and as I hopped up on the ultrasound chair and she placed the wand on my belly all my fears vanished. There on the screen was an extremely healthy baby even though it was turned at an odd angle. It had one hand on the top of it's head and was sucking it's fingers with the other. I kept taking peeks at C's face and at times I would explain to him what part we were looking at. He thought it was all cool until the moment came where the baby turned it's face directly at us. You could see it's eyes moving around and the baby making sucking motions with it's mouth. First words out of my mouth was "WOW J did you just see the baby move it's eyes!" I looked over at C and he looked up at me and goes "Mom that baby is an ALIEN!" J, the ultrasound tech, and I all busted out laughing at C and explained that he looked like that at one time too.

The time came to see what the baby was, but just our luck it had it's legs crossed. C stood up beside me and kept asking what it was and I told him that the baby's legs were crossed and that we may have to come back. He was kinda upset, so the tech told me she wasn't giving up that easy. She started to giggle my belly with the wand to try and startle baby, but instead it just flipped and crossed it's legs again! The tech then had me flip over on my right side to try and get a view from there. She kept moving the wand back and fourth really fast, but the baby was not uncrossing it's legs for anything! About that time I looked at J and told him that this was going to be an extremely stubborn baby. No sooner as I said that the tech goes" Well usually GIRLS are the stubborn ones!" and wrote it's a girl on the screen.

It was a euphoric moment and I was elated. Before we left the room I asked the tech if she was 100% sure and she said she was as sure as she ever could be. The reason she was moving the wand back and fourth was that at one point the baby had uncrossed her legs, but the umbilical cord was the in the way. She just had to wait on her to move it to make sure.

Even though I was on cloud nine I kept thinking of my mom. Oh how excited she would have to find out she was having her first granddaughter. I even broke down crying while telling my great grandma, but she told me that mom already knew and was rejoicing in Heaven. Mom now had 3 beautiful grandbabies to look after from above.

My hopes is that I make a wonderful mom to my daughter just as my mom was to me.

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