Friday, August 31, 2012

Puj Snug review

If your baby is like Asher when it comes to bath time he loves to roll around and splash in the water. One of my concerns is that he is going to hit his head or face on the faucet, so I am constantly telling him to scoot to the back of the tub before he "swims". When I found out that Puj was making the Snug I was intrigued. We have tried a few that was on the market, but found they didn't fit the faucet, were hard, and fell off of the faucet easy. Not to mention we would have to throw them away in about a month because the plastic grew mold. The snug is non absorbent meaning I don't have to worry about mildew. We received the Puj Snug in aqua and I think the elephant design is too adorable!
The first thing I noticed about the Puj Snug is how extremely soft it is! I put it to the ultimate test which is getting it to fit the faucet. I had it on in about 2 second as it just slid on with no fuss what so ever. I am amazed how it formed the faucet and I love the fact there is a hole on the top for the shower pull. It was so easy to pull that my 2 year old figured it out immediately. My 6 yr old has also used it and has not found any issues with it either. 

The Puj Snug is made out of 100% recycled material from their other products. BPA, formamide, and PVC free.

Purchase the Puj Snugin in aqua, white, or kiwi from Amazon for $14.99

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