Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bamboobies review and giveaway

When breastfeeding one of the not so glamorous side effects is leaking. We have all been there especially when your out and about in public and the next thing you know you have two very noticeable wet spots forming on your shirt. I have had this happen even with the precaution of wearing disposable breast pads. They seemed to have either gotten full too quickly or moved just enough to slid down. Not to mention sometimes cotton breast pads can be down right irritating at times.
Bamboobies is a new type of washable breast pad that is extremely soft, ultra thin, has high performance eco-fabric, and comes in three cute heart shaped colors. Made of three layers with the outer layer made of certified organic bamboo and cotton velour it is designed to ease the pain from chafed or cracked nipples. The middle layer has an ultra absorbant hemp core to make sure there are no embarrassing accidents whether your at home or out in public. The final layer is milk proof to help with the aid of preventing leaks.

I received a sample of the hot pink Bamboobies regulars and I will be buying more in the coming months. I love how soft they feel against my nipple and how I don't have to worry about the sticky part sliding and getting stuck to them. I have had that happen before and it hurts pulling it off. Before you wear them for the first time machine wash and dry them because they become much more softer and more absorbent. After use just wash and dry them as normal and you don't have to use fabric softener.
Bamboobies also carry a line of overnight pads that are bigger and softer than the regulars which help with gorging and heavy overnight leaking. You can purchase these in a single two pack or in a variety pack where you will get both the regulars and overnight. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The overnight bamboo pads.

  2. Definitely a pair of overnighters!

  3. Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows

  4. I'd want the value pack.