Monday, June 18, 2012

Bean B Clean Review

One of the most common things most newborns have in common is cradle cap. A had cradle cap from a few months up until after age one. We tried baby oil and special soaps, but at times it seemed to be getting worse than better.

When I first received the Bean b Clean I couldn't wait to try it out! I was hoping that this would help with the flakiness on A's scalp. After about a week I had started to notice a difference and  was overjoyed because to be honest it felt like he would be dealing with cradle cap forever. One thing that he loved the most was sitting in my lap after his bath while I massaged his scalp with the brush. The Bean b Clean would gently loosen the flakes and I would just brush them out of his hair.

Now that A no longer has the issue I have put the Bean b Clean up for baby number 3! I am confident that if nugget 3 gets cradle cap I don't have to worry about dealing with oils or creams as I can just massage it away! If you would like to read more reviews you can read many 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Purchase the Bean b Clean for $6.49 on Amazon

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