Wednesday, June 13, 2012

L'ovedbaby review

L'ovedbaby is a mom started company who on a whim decided to make her own nursing shawl one night to help with her anxiety of nursing in public. Everyone loved the 4-in-one nursing shawl that it expanded into a complete line of burp cloths, arms free swaddlers, blankets, gowns, and clothing separates. All of L'ovedbaby's clothes are made out of 100% cotton, minimally processed, safety tested, and naturally flame retardant. All of the clothing is muted in color allowing you to mix and match as your heart desires. They are even perfect if you have a surprise baby on the way.                            

A received the Cute Cap in natural dots, lounge pants in caramel, and the sleeveless bodysuit in sand. Since it is in the high 80s lower 90s here in Tennessee it is a little too hot to wear the lounge pants outside, so he wears them to lounge around in when were at home. I love how soft they are and because he is already a bit on the big side for his age I don't have to worry about the band leaving a mark around his waist. The sleeveless bodysuit is perfect for outside wear! It reminds me of a muscle shirt and A always has to have on a temporary 'toota" on, so he looks like a little tough man. When he is wearing the bodysuit with his tattoos showing people always stop to tell him how cool he looks. The cute cap is one of the most adorable caps that A has ever wore. It kinda reminds me of a bikers cap for kids with the way it ties in the back. I know a lot of hats for kids slide off of their head easily, but you are able to tie the cap as loose or as tight as you you would like to prevent it from falling off.

I have washed the clothing items numerous times and I have not had any issues with shrinkage or fading. With number 3 due in December I have already been looking at L'ovedbaby's sleeveless overalls and wrap shirts because I know they are made with excellent quality.

Purchase the Cute Cap for $8.00

Sleeveless bodysuit for $14.50

Lounge Pants for $15.50

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