Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Komet Creations review

Ever since A could get up and dance he has fallen head over heels for Yo Gabba Gabba. You can't turn on Netflix with out a huge smile coming across his face while screaming "Gabba Ga" Gabba Ga". Forget about going to the store and him seeing anything Yo Gabba Gabba because he immediately points and squeels with delight. I was searching the internet for something different that he had never seen before because he has just about everything we have found in the store. As soon as I saw the Yo Gabba Gabba Lovie from Komet Creations I knew I found something he would love.

From the moment I opened the box and he saw Brobee's head peaking out he just couldn't wait until I opened it. First I was shocked at the size of the lovie as it is almost as big as him! It's so cute to watch him dragging Brobee around the house singing "Happy Thoughts".

C was sent the Baseball Sports pillow and just like the Brobee lovie it's huge. One thing that I loved about it was the fact that there is a zipper on the back, so if it needs to be washed you can take the inside of the pillow out. If your child is headed to grandmas for a weekend you could also use it to store pajamas in. They were also sent the Personalizable Monkey Pal. Just like the Brobee and the pillow the monkey was pretty good size. A actually cuddled up with it at nap time because it is so soft!

If this baby is a girl she will be getting the Foofa Lovie, but if it's a boy he definitely be getting Muno!

Purchase the Brobee Lovie for $28.99 from Amazon

Purchase the 14" Monkey Stuffed Animal for $14 from Amazon

Purchase the Baseball sports pillow for $29.95 from Amazon

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