Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Belly Buttons and Babies review

A lost the cap!
Belly Buttons and Babies are a Canadian based company that prides themselves in making the best toxin free, naturally derived and all natural bases using the safest preservatives know to mankind and nature. They use only 100% pure unadulterated Essential Oils as well as bio-degradable. Belly Buttons and Babies sent my boys the Jelly Beans 2 in 1 Body Wash/Shampoo, Jelly Beans soothing body lotion, and the sunscreen lotion with  SPF 30. The Jelly Beans products smells amazing! I have actually used the products on myself as well as the boys because I love the nice soft scent that it leaves behind. I had recently gotten a tattoo and it was in the stage of healing, so at times it itched really bad. Knowing that scratching is not good for the healing process and I was out of my H2Ocean I decided to give the body lotion a try. It actually stopped the itching in no time and left a nice cool soft sensation on my skin. A had gotten a hold of the bottle one day and I actually caught him putting it on his body while smelling it on his hands. He loved it!

The sunscreen lotion does not have a strong scent to it and goes on smooth with no sticky feeling on the skin. You want to apply it up to 30 minutes before sun exposure and about every 2 hours in between for maximum protection. With Cs birthday this month and a beach cookout planned I will be sure to pack it in the kids beach bag to make sure they are protected from the sun.

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