Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Wonderful Walls review

I am a lover of anything personalized for my boys. Whether it's a personalized shirt for any occasion such as a birthday or holiday to a pillow it can become something unique and fun. We will be moving into our newly built house in early August and while shopping around for a personalized canvas for their rooms I came across My Wonderful Walls.

The first thing I noticed was the amazing quality of all of their products and the fact that they are made in the USA so you know nothing lead based is going on your children's walls. I browsed their website for a few days trying to decide which canvases I wanted when I decided to let C pick his. He picked the Lion & Cub Canvas Kids Wall Mural because he said it reminds him of him and his dad. They are both awesome like lions. With A I had the hardest time because I just could not decide, so I went with something in the same theme. I picked the Elephant and Baby Canvas Kids Wall Mural because it was the one I just kept coming back to just like when I was in the process of choosing his name.

The first thing I noticed when they arrived was how vibrant the colors are and the size of the canvas (15" X 20"). I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the prints! The two prints will fit in perfectly if they have to end up sharing a room if baby #3 is a girl and hey what not a better way to talk hubby into buying one of the Jungle Safari kits to complete the room.

My Wonderful Walls also sells wall mural stencils, wall stickers, and stencil paint. They have a total of 22 themes to pick from including owls, fairy's, pirates, and dinosaurs.

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