Wednesday, April 25, 2012 review

We have all read those romance novels that we could see ourselves being whisked away in. From the first time the two character meet and then all of the excitement leading up to the ultimate passionate love affair we can't help, but think "WOW! I would love to be in the leading characters shoes right now!" With personalized romance novels you are able to be that leading lady and your partner becomes your sexy desire. There is nothing like being whisked away on an African safari or tryst with your love on a dude ranch on the wide open range.

You are first able to choose which kind of excerpt you would like either Wild or Mild after that you simply fill in all of the personalized information such as names, place of work, eye color, and even pet nicknames. If you are unsure you can always click the help button beside the box on the question and it will give you a sentence to see if your information will work. I love the fact that you can dedicate it to a loved one and even add specific dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.You can even add a picture of you and your partner on the front.

For my love of all things horror I personalized the book Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales (wild version).  Set among the Rocky Mountains, the staring couple soon find themselves drawn into a world of blood lust and supernatural powers, and discover that associating with Vampires can be both exciting and deadly. When I received the book a few days later I couldn't help but start reading it all the while snickering and reading the personalized "wild" parts to my husband. This is the one book that I can't put down! I just love to see what is going to happen to Tonya and Jason next!

Included in this book are Gibbs' three vampire novellas: Vampire Rhapsody, Fresh Blood, and Blood Starved. Each book is available for individual purchase as well.

Purchase a book for:

  • Paperback:   $39.95- $49.99
  • Paperback with photo:   $74.95
  • Hardback:   $79.95-$94.95
  • Hardback with photo:    $99.95-$119.95
  • Ebooks   $14.95-$24.95



  1. This book sounds interesting .I really would love reading one.

  2. We talk about going to an alaska getaway and we can live vicariously through the story lol. Really neat idea.

  3. How fun is that? It would be so cool to make my own "book" lol I think this would be so interesting to read.
    Gladys P