Monday, April 30, 2012

Rowdy Sprout review


 Being Rock-N-Roll parents we are always on the hunt for amazing band tees for our sons'.  There is nothing like finding that perfect Pink Floyd or Blondie shirt that makes you think of how awesome it would be to have your tot rocking it out with matching converse. When I got the opportunity to review Rowdy Sprout I was jumping for joy because I loved the vintage style look of their t-shirts, pajamas, and dresses. It took me two day actually to pick out the perfect shirts for the boys because I couldn't decide which band to get.

I finally decided to go with the Nirvana ss Tee for C because all I could think about was him jamming out in the living room to "Heart Shaped Box" with A. He loves wearing it because it is thin enough to wear under his jacket to school in the mornings, but is comfortable enough to wear all day. I showed a friend of mine and she already claimed dibs on it for when C outgrows it!

A was sent the Beastie boys ss tee as well as the AC/DC ss Loungewear set.  The Beastie Boys shirt is just as comfortable to wear as C's Nirvana shirt. With the classic Beastie Boys logo the shirt has a great old school look to it. He weigh 31 pounds and I got the 4T and it fits perfect and he will be able to wear it all summer and even into the fall.  The loungewear (size 4T) also has the vintage look to it and is super soft. It is starting to get extremely hot here in TN and I was a little worried that the pjs would be used more in the Fall and Winter, but that's not the case. They can also be used all Spring and Summer long! A has worn them in the afternoon outside and by the time he came in the house he was not sweaty or extremely hot. Not to mention the shirt could also be used with some shorts and you couldn't even tell it was a pajama top!

I have researched older style Rowdy Sprout tees and have found tons that are just as awesome as their new spring line! From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Poison you are sure to find an awesome shirt!

If Rowdy Sprouts came out with a Johnny Cash vintage tee I would be first in line to order!

The Nirvana and Beastie Boys shirt retail for $38.00 and the AC/DC loungwear retails for $46.00


  1. When the beastie boys came out I went running to the store to buy it.Paul revere or brass monkey bring back memories

  2. I love these shirts. These are the groups I grew up with and my kids can appreciate them now. So cool

  3. Awesome designs for tee's. I have heard great things about Rowdy Sprout.
    Gladys P