Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CampusBookRentals reivew

One of the most expensive items needed for college is text books. I remember when I was attending I would search the internet for hours looking for the best deal on because because they are so expensive! Some can run into the 100s of dollars and for anyone in college that is a lot of money. Renting is the way to go if you do not need your book after the class is over and you can save between 40 and 90 percent!   

With campusbookrentals.com you are able to type in the ISBN or title of the book on the home page. For example I type in Computers in the Medical Office and I need the book Case Studies for Use with Computers in the Medical Office I will then scroll down until I find the title of the book and click it. You are able to pick how long you need the book (semester, quarter, or summer) and it shows you a price comparison for each. If you need it for a different length of time you are also able to pick your own return date. It is shipped free and you are able to highlight in the book!

CampusBookRentals offers a 30 day guarantee in which any book returned within the fist 30 days after the order date will be refunded 100%. You do not have to wait for a return envelope as you can print off a return label from your account. There is a 15 day grace period where you can rent your book early or hold on to it a little longer in case of a late exam. The grace period applies to all rental periods. If you need to retake a class you are able to re-rent your book for 30% less than the original rental price. Just log into your account and click the re-rent button.

Once the term is over you are able to return the book with the FREE return label that CampusBookRentals provides! There is tracking on each return , so you are able to see when CampusBookRentals receive your book.  If you decide to keep your book you are able to purchase it by selecting the "Buy and Keep My Books" button in your account. You just have to pay the different between the value of the book and what you have already paid to rent it.

CampusBookRentals have teamed up with Operation Smile to provide free cleft lip surgeries for children who's families cannot afford it otherwise. They have committed to donating enough to cover a minimum of 1,000 life changing surgeries. Which is AMAZING! For every book rented starting now, they will donate a portion of those proceeds to Operation Smile to help meet and even exceed their 1,000 goal! Please take the time and check out this wonderful organization helping improve the lives of children all over the world.

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