Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuckaroo The Bib Reinvented review

One of the most important staples that you need when preparing for a baby is bibs. Some of the issues of traditional bibs is the fact that sometimes liquids and seep between the opening of the neck and when you go to take the bib off the ring of the shirt is wet which can be a pain to clean. Here is where the Tuckaroo comes to the rescue.                                                                                                              

The Tuckaroo features an innovated inner flap know as the "roo" which you can tuck inside your babies collar to prevent staining and wetness. One thing I love about the Tuckaroo is the way it easily snapped around A's neck and the fact it was actually big enough to cover his shirt. There are two different snaps to ensure the perfect fit everytime and unlike velcro no matter how hard he pulled at it it didn't come off. Snaps are available on the infant and toddler size where for the newborn size you just simply tuck the "roo" into the collar and you don't have to worry about struggling to get it over your babies neck. The Tuckaroo has a lead free metal snap closure, a water Resistant Inner Layer, and is PVC, BPA & Phthalate Free.

You can purchase the Toddler Tuckaroo in pink, green, or blue for $5.99

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