Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rockin' Green review

When I switched from disposable diapers to cloth the one thing I was worried about was how to clean them. Searching the internet the one brand that kept getting rave reviews was Rockin' Green . After using their detergent now for a few months I can tell you it is the only detergent I will ever use. I have not had any issues with the soakers or boosters staining because they come out of the washer extremely clean. If anyone would ask what my recommendation would be for an excellent detergent for cloth diapers I would say Rockin' Green. .                                                                                                                            

Safe for the environment Rockin' Green is dye free with no fillers, enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, and excellent for sensitive skin. When ordering Rockin' Green you can chose between hard, classic, or soft depending on your water to make sure you get the correct detergent that is made specifically for your water type.There is a handy map on the website, but  if you are still unsure you can contact your local water company or order one of Rockin' Greens water quality test strips for $0.60.

You can chose from several different scents including Smashing Watermelons and and Rage Against the Raspberries so your diapers will come out smelling fresh, clean, and yummy. If you or your baby has sensitive skin they also carry an unscented version called Bare Naked Babies.                          

If you use cloth menstrual pads they sell Femme Rock to help keep your pads clean and looking like new. Also for pet lovers check out Dog House Rock-Pet Bedding and Toy Detergent designed to be a safer alternative to all of the harsh pet cleaning products on the market.


  1. i always use rockin green hard rock detergent
    - anna pry

  2. Sounds great - I wonder if the dog one would also work for cat bedding?

  3. Never heard of it thank you for the review!

    Aranda Gibbs