Monday, February 6, 2012

Pure Romance review


                                                   *Reader Discretion*
 Back a few years ago I attended my first Pure Romance party and I loved it. They sell items for individuals and partners as well as bath and beauty products. When I reached out to Pure Romance and they agreed to giveaway an item for the Share the Love giveaway hop I was so excited.

The first item I was sent was the Hot Heart Massager.  My husband had come home from a long night at the tattoo shop and his lower back was killing him, so it was the perfect time to try out the massager. I opened the box and popped the metal disc inside and it heated up quickly. I laid it across his lower back and he said that it felt really hot, but after a few minutes he could feel that his muscles was not as tight as they were. After he was done using it while it was still hot I actually used it to warm up my hands. The Hot Heart Massager gets up to 129°F / 54°C and with used with a massage oil it can be something both you and your partner could enjoy together. When the time comes to use it again you can boil it  for 7-10 minutes to reactivate.

The second item we were sent was the Just Like Me gel lubricant. One thing I noticed was how silky smooth the lubricant is and that it leaves behind no sticky residue. The lubricant is  pH balanced and water based so it is just like your natural moisture, but helps to enhance it for optimum pleasure.  I would recommend the Just Like Me gel lubricant to anyone who loves the enhancement only a lubricant can provide.

Purchase the Hot Heart Massager for $15
                    Just Like Me Gel Lubricant  for $16


  1. i'd like to try the stretch mark oil
    - anna pry

  2. I want the massager! Sounds great!
    Thank you!

  3. Maybe I'm not picturing it correctly, but that sounds a little TOO hot - as in you could burn yourself! But maybe 129 isn't as hot as I'm picturing!

  4. I think this would be perfect for husband and i .we suffer from those aches and pains and this would great to relive that

  5. I need this lol! Thank you

    Aranda Gibbs