Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Wit Review

Sometimes I get tired of seeing all the same clothes in just about every store in the mall for my sons, so I am always searching the internet for something different and unique. During one of my searches I came across Baby Wit who offers some of the most humorous and off beat clothing I have ever seen. Whether your child is a budding activist, rock-n-roller, or loves fairy tales you can find something they are sure to wear again and again.

Cain was sent the Flaming Caddy by Cole Gerst t-shirt and he loved it. It is perfect for that everyday shirt as he can just add a pair of jeans and converse and be comfortable all day. Asher received  the Binky, Boobie, or Blankie Nobody Rides for free hoodie and it is great for those quick trips to town when I need something to put over his arms getting in and out of the car.

Run by one mom all Baby Wit clothing is made in the USA with non-toxic transfers hand-pressed on American Apparel & Alternative Apparel t-shirts and one pieces.


  1. some of their designs are too 'adult' for my little sweetie but some are ok
    -anna pry

  2. I love their clothes! Very cute!
    Thank you!

  3. Finally - clothes kids won't hate you for when they grow up and see the pictures. :)

  4. this is cute . I feel like you unique and different is hard to find and can be time consuming

  5. These shirts are so adorable!

    Aranda Gibbs