Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get fit with Popchips and Jillian Michaels

With ten days into the new year I have already started hitting the gym and cutting out certain foods, fast food, and caffeine. There are times when I do struggle with choosing the best alternatives to certain foods because I have never really been taught what the best things are. I live in Tennessee and grew up in Georgia where every meal is a good ol' southern meal full of fried foods, mashed potatos, and homemade buttermilk biscuits. Snacks on the other hand is always cookies and milk, Little Debbies, or some type of cake which is horrible for you! Potato chips are another one of those that fall into the "no-no' category when trying to loose weight, but finding a healthy alternative chip to go with that sandwich can be easier than you think. What do you get when you find chips that are half the fat as regular chips, never fried, never baked, and are ONLY 100 CALORIES per single serving bag? Popchips! I must say that they taste delicious too! Now you are thinking what could make Popchips even better, well they have teamed up with fitness guru and nutritionist Jillian Michaels to help share some of her healthiest tips to keep you on the right track. One thing you should do is make small changes that you can stick with! Even if you make 2-3 small changes it can add up and then lead to a bigger change.

                                                   Jillian Michaels tips for the new year:

·         Avoid fried foods at all costs.

e   Eat three balanced meals a day every four hours with a snack in between lunch and dinner. 

      Eat no more than 6-8 teaspoons of fats and vegetable oil per day.  choose oils that are mostly unsaturated such as olive oil.

o   Opt for cooking methods that use little or no fat such as steaming, grilling, baking, popping, broiling or roasting.

          Purchase healthier alternatives when given a choice (popchips vs. fried chips, grilled chicken vs. fried chicken).

     Curb salty cravings with tasty snacks such as popchips, almonds or dried cranberries. 


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