Friday, December 2, 2011

EdenFantasys Review

*Please be advised that this is an ADULT ONLY post*         If you have little kids you know how hard it is to have that alone time with your spouse you once used to have. The intimacy may just not be there like it used to. One of the ways you can spice up your sex life and get that spark back is by sending the kids off to Grandmas and doing something unexpected for your love. I would suggest checking out EdenFantasys as they have an array of sexy costumes. Maybe dress up in their Five alarm fire flirt and put his fire out . When he comes home one day from a hard day and work and finds you cleaning house, but in you wearing one of the sexy French Maid costumes EdenFantasys offer  imagine all the possibilities! They sell 167 costumes, so I am positive you will find one. Don't worry if you are curvy as they also sell costumes for you.  Looking for something both your partner and you can use together?  They sell massage oils, edible body treatments, bath and shower products, and body moisturizer.  On their homepage you can click the banner and narrow down gifts for her, him, friends, and couples. I chose couples and one thing that caught my eye was the Sweet Heart Chocolate box in which everything in the box is   chocolate flavor and who doesn't love chocolate? With hundreds of products they have to offer you will have a hard time choosing what to purchase. I say purchase whatever you think you and your partner would have the most fun with or make a wish list! Happy Shopping :) 

Disclaimer: I received compensation for my review in the form of a gift card. Clicking any links will take you to EdenFantasys website. If you are interested they also sell sex toys Clicker beware!   


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