Monday, November 28, 2011

Canada Post Comparison Shopper

If you are in Canada I have found the perfect place for you to comparison shop not just for Christmas, but for everything you need. I have a one year old and he is always wanting to be carried, so I am constantly looking for a great deal on a baby carrier. On the front page I noticed they have the hottest deals now and I saw baby carriers. I clicked the category and it had every single baby carrier on the market and how much they were on sale for. I was able to comparison shop and even see how much shipping was. Now I just have to decide between a Boba and Ergo.

As I was searching around the website I came across a snowblower and they have push ones or ones you can apply to the front of your lawnmower. Instant snow plow! I think it would be fun to be able to ride around on my instant snow plow as long as the snow wasn't up to my eyeballs. I live in Tennessee and we hardly ever see snow, but if we did I would so be buying a snowblower. Now I am thinking about snow plow racing on the lawnmower tee-hee. My imagination sometimes gets the best of me

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