Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm back to blogging

I know that I have not posted anything and barley kept up with my giveaways, but I did draw a winner for the Baby Legs grab bag and that was Vickie Ann! Congrats!! The Bath and Body Works is up and you still have time to enter. I will start posting some daily deals under the daily deals tab and I believe I am going to do it different than what I have been. I am wanting to really make this blog work to where I will be able to offer some awesome giveaways in the future. Losing my mother is still hard, but weird things have started to happen like the Playstation pausing itself while you are watching a movie, a toy playing a song all by itself, and the last thing was I was vacuuming and the vacuum stopped. I thought that maybe it had came unplugged so I checked and it hadn't. Looking at it I noticed that the on button was switched to off! Weird huh! I do hope deep down that it is her letting me know that she is still with me and alright. With time I will heal, but there will always be a piece of my soul missing.

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  1. not easy losing a special person in our life ~ takes time ~ Glad to see you blogging and blog hopping ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with W Planet Weekend Blog Hop