Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trouble Conceiving

After Asher was born in 2010, I had a feeling that something was still missing from my life. I still had the longing for a baby and I realized I was longing for a baby GIRL. I love my boys but it was just something that no matter how hard I would tell myself that I was being selfish it would still enter my mind on a daily basis. After talking to my husband and to my mom I decided that I was not going to wait three years to try again. My husband had decided that since it took years to get pregnant with Asher ( I was not on birth control for 2 and a half years) that he would get checked. The results came back that he had low testosterone and that one of his pituitary glands is not producing hormones anymore. This came as a shock because one of the side effects is not being able to "make babies". The doctor told him that if after 6 months of trying then there is a slim chance that I would ever get pregnant again. This all happened back in December and now here we are in August and we have now been officially trying for almost 8 months. One best friend and two cousins later I now have 1 new members in the family and 2 on the way. It seems like everyone can get pregnant except ME. Canaan asked me for a sister and I told him that it was up to God and to pray about it. He closed his eyes and asked God to give him a baby sister. I hope one day that his prayers will be answered.

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