Sunday, August 21, 2011

I LOVE being a tattooed mommy

    I have an account on Parents Connect where I usually go to look at baby names or play some of their monthly games when I came across this article about tattooed mommas. It was basically asking if tattooed mommas are bad parents because well they have tattoos. It made me wonder why now in our day and age people still assume people with tattoos are horrible creatures and terrible parents. My husband is a tattoo artist and has a half sleeve, two on his neck, one on the back of his neck, and some on his leg. Does that make him a horrible father? I have 5 tattoos total two on my shoulder blades for my boys, one on my ankle for my mother, my wrist, and side. Does that make me a horrible mother? I would say we are excellent parents, we take care of our boys, live on our own, have money in the bank and they are spoiled rotten. Let people talk it is only their insecurities that make them think in such a negative way! Oh yea I have my nose and lip pierced too, but we will save that for another day.


    I actually posted about this way back a couple months ago...
    I am a nanny as well as a mom I live in a middle aged new family kind of town and well the town i work in is a SNOBBY gross town they are horrible one mom told her daughter not to look at me I was a sinner! Legit! Anyway

    I love all 9 of my tattoos! One goes from my shoulder to my thumb another half sleeve started both ankles both wrists my shoulder I LOVE IT! Oh and let not forget my bigger then a large mans hand pumpkin on my thigh!

    Just sayin I love it :)
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  2. I have two tattoos and love them :) New follower from the sunday hop, have a great day! You can find me at

  3. Those are awesome tattoos! I have one that my best friend and I got together...I'm thinking about adding the chitlins' initials or something to the design.

    New follower!