Thursday, July 28, 2011

Having a rough time

Not long after my first son was born my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We thought no problem we will beat this because my grandmother had it, took her meds, and she was in remission for years. After her blood testing we found out she had Triple Negative Breast Cancer meaning that she does not have the receptors needed to take the medicine. We decided to take it day by day since the cancer is more aggressive and as of right now there is no known treatment. She was just diagnosed again for the 6th or 7th time at the beginning of the month while going through chemo and radiation. It is horrible to watch your mother go throughthis. I had a horrible dream last night that she passed away and then I get a call today that she was admitted to the hospital because she could not breath. The cancer is so bad that you can see it on her chest, it is eating through her skin grafts. I have been sitting here trying not to cry and praying to God that she will be alright. It is so hard to fathom not having my mom. My eldest son and her is joined at the hip and I believe he would take it harder than I would if something was to happen to her. Tonight when you are putting your children away hug and kiss then and call your mother and tell her how much she means to you because you never know what is going to happen

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