Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Asher

I can't believe my baby boys is already a year old today! It seems just like yesterday that he came into this world at a whopping 9 pounds and 6 ounces. As I sit here and reflect on this past year I think about all the amazing things he has learned to do with saying his first words to walking. Dancing is one of his favorite things to do, I love watching him sway his head side to side while dancing and then end up falling over because he is going so fast. One thing that I knew was coming, but wasn't looking forward too was him and his brother fighting, they fight over EVERYTHING! Sometimes I try not to  laugh, but Asher will chase his brother through the house with a hairbrush if he can get a hold of one. I love having two boys in my life and I would not change it for the world. Maybe another baby in the near future I say bring it on

Trial run to see if he would wear his hat for picture

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