Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stella Blu Clothing Co. review


My husband is an old school punk rocker turned tattoo artist who only wears band tees and the occasional punk rock or tattooed inspired t-shirt, so it comes as no surprise to me that when we go shopping for our boys he rarely finds anything he likes. I always turn to searching online for punk rock or rock n roll inspired t-shirts that he thinks is cool enough for C and A. During one of my searches I came across Stella Blu Clothing Co. and when I showed him their amazing collection of tees his exact words were "now that is what I am talking about".                                                                                               

I contacted Stella Blu Clothing Co. and was so excited when they offered to send each of my boys a shirt to review. C picked out the Skater Tee because he is obsessed with skateboarding and after about an hour of looking through the shirts I decided to go with the Microphone Tee for A.

The first thing you notice about the tees is how soft, detailed and thin they are. Perfect for Spring and Summer! When I showed C he grabbed his and put it on asking if he could wear it to bed because he wanted to wear it to school the following day. All he could talk about was how awesome the skateboarders were. I showed my husband the microphone tee and he though it was amazing because it is the same exact design as his next tattoo in memory of his mom.

Stells Blu clothing Co. also offers a wide range of onesies and tee for girls. From sparrows, peace signs, and butterflies I am certain you will find the perfect tee for your little princess.   

All tees are $25 (size 2T to 5) and onesies are $23 (size newborn to 12-18 months)

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