Friday, January 16, 2009

Newborn Necessities Review and Giveaway

Bringing home a newborn can be the most challenging and sleep deprived thing any parent will go through. We have all been so tired that we forget when the baby has last eaten or went to the bathroom. Newborn Necessities is broken down into two categories one for feeding and the second for diaper duties. The first section is the feeding section  where you are able to write down the date, time, breast(minutes), bottle(ounces), and add comments, so you know exactly the last time your baby has ate. The second section is for diaper changes where you can also write down the time, date, whether baby went number one or two, and add comments.                                                                         

During the first seven days of babies life we also worry if the baby is eating enough or having enough dirty diapers. You can flip to the first few pages of Newborn Necessities and it will list days 1-7 and underneath it will have how many feeding and diaper changes babies should have that day. This is very helpful because it doesn't  matter weather you have had your first baby or fifth this is something we all worry about. Newborn Necessities would make the perfect baby shower gift for any expectant parent.

 You can purchase Newborn Necessities on Amazon  for $8.99
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  1. I would give this to my sister, who is expecting her first baby in June!

  2. I'd give this to my friend who is expecting her first baby in may!

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  4. I would keep this, we are planning for a baby. :)

  5. A friend of mine's daughter.

  6. I'd probably read it myself since I'm expecting

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  7. I'd give it to my sister who is expecting her first baby in July! :)
    Emily Blewett